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Mike Shen

Mike Shen

Mike Shen - Mike Shen

Vice President & Managing Director, Product Development & Implementation
Cotton Incorporated

Dr. Mike Shen is Cotton Incorporated Vice President & Managing Director, Product Development & Implementation. He previously served as the Innovation Director at New Era Cap Company where he developed materials, products, manufacturing methods, and technologies to drive innovation and new business solutions.

Dr. Shen is bilingual and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering and a Master’s degree in Apparel Product Development from Donghua University in China. In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Textile Sciences from the University of Georgia, he has authored six granted and pending U.S. patents and seven publications. He has extensive knowledge of polymers, textiles, product development, technology, and strategic planning. Dr. Shen has 10 years of leadership and 19 years of progressive experience researching, innovating, consulting, and developing textile materials, products, and technologies to drive R&D in the textile and apparel industry for brands such as Adidas and Reebok.