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Iconic Cotton Blanket Reminds Americans of Our Common Threads

July 12, 2017
New York, NY

Cotton Incorporated’s ‘The United of America’ campaign celebrates unity

Flip through the posts on your social media feed and images of newborns swaddled in pink and blue striped cotton receiving blankets is a common image from new parents. In fact, it’s so familiar, it inspired ‘The United of America’ campaign from Cotton Incorporated, the research and promotion company for U.S. cotton producers and importers, which reflects consumers’ emotional connection to cotton.

“Our country’s greatest strength is the diversity of its people. Although we may disagree with each other from time to time, we are bound together by common threads, starting with the cotton blanket used to wrap newborns in U.S. hospitals,” says Jill Orsini, advertising director for Cotton Incorporated.

The call for unity message continues and gives consumers the chance to show their agreement in two ways: by using The United of America Facebook filter, available from the Cotton Facebook page; and by sharing pictures with #TheUnitedofAmerica of loved ones wrapped in the iconic blanket — whether six months, six years or twenty-six years ago to show their support that we are more alike than different.

The cotton receiving blanket featured in the video and inspiring the Facebook filter, is from Medline, an Illinois-based manufacturer of and distributor of medical supplies. The blanket with the signature stripes wraps one in four newborns in the United States.

The video is a visual metaphor conveying that Americans, regardless of gender or color, are born equal, including the cotton blanket that comforts our first moments in the world.

‘The United of America’ campaign launched on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, with a video distributed across Cotton Incorporated social media channels and lives on Since its launch, the video received more than 300,000 views. The campaign runs through the month of July.